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Confidence Index France December 2015

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Combined Forces

Syndicated studies offer companies an ideal opportunity to join forces and talk to a finite, and so often overused, group of key opinion leaders working on small patient populations. By working together, companies will find themselves with richer data, minimize the risk of alienating important stakeholders, and, reduce the cost of running such a study all at the same time.  Furthermore, being so flexible, syndicated studies also allow each company to include additional, bespoke questions that can be posed at the same time, leading to a much more customized piece of research.   

A new white paper from AplusA looks at the advantages of running syndicated studies given the changing nature of the global pharmaceutical industry and sets out the benefits of choosing the right partner.  Combined Forces is a must-read for any industry leader looking for answers to the eternal market research conundrum.  Simply click here to access the thought provoking report.