Lifecycle Solutions

Guiding product lifecycle management of the world’s top-selling products for over 25 years.
In response to our clients’ changing needs, we have developed a wide range of solutions to guide strategic and tactical marketing decisions throughout the product lifecycle:

» If you need to assess a licensing-in opportunity: AplusA recommends FLAASH™
» To assess the success of your product launch: AplusA will design a specific KPI TRAACKER™ program combining RX TRAACKER™ and IMAAX™
» When you need to define optimal product messaging: AplusA recommends SUMM®


» Use TRIAAL-STEP® to assess the sales impact of high-value decisions, such as new products, label changes, lifecycle events, generic intros, pricing, positioning.
» When you need to develop a new product positioning: AplusA proposes ASGs™ and IMAAX™
» If you plan to assess and publish epidemiological data on a specific condition: AplusA suggests AAEpi™

AplusA's Full Primary Marketing Research Offering