Answering your business question with actual patient charts.

To answer our client’s unmet needs when determining brand shares, AplusA started developing in-depth patient chart audits 25 years ago. Over time, our clients made additional patient chart audit requests such as patient journey studies and treatment duration assessments. From this growing need AplusA’s patient chart study family of products, RX TRAACKER™, was developed. RX TRAACKER™ is a marketing research toolbox that answers our client’s business questions using real-life patient cases as a means of data collection. In many cases, AplusA has found that patient chart audits are the most accurate method to answer our client’s business questions as the insights gleaned from these studies are based on what is actually happening in the market.

Today patient chart studies represent 50% of AplusA’s worldwide marketing research activity. AplusA’s strong reputation is based on this unique quantitative capability and the top quality of our patient chart audits.

RX TRAACKER™ AplusA’s patient chart MR studies portfolio:

» Prioritize patient segments: SnAApshot™
» Prioritize indications: AAepi™, ObservAAtional™
» Determine impact of competitor launch: DynAAmic™
» Assess Impact of Generic or Biosimilar entrants: DynAAmic™
» Size actively – treated target population: SnAApshot™
» Forecas sales: DurAAtion™,
Dynamic Share TrAAcker™, SnAApshot™

» Assess the real duration of treatment: DurAAtion™
» Assess brand share uptake: DynAAmic™
» Identify switch opportunities: DynAAmic™
» Identify Treatment Algorithm: ObservAAtional™,

» Understand atient Journey: Patient PAAthway™
» Track brand share worldwide: SnAApshot™

AplusA’s strength in conducting patient chart studies is due to our solid study process:

» Dedicated teams
» Strong fieldwork : Selected partners,  Maintained panels
» "In-house" total data control, Website design, Database processingNo subcontracting for data processing, Total control of raw data quality
» Reporting tools to optimize usage of results: Online reporting tools, Specific charts

» A tailored service: Reports are always customized to client needs, Strong client interaction, Total dedication
» Powerful analysis tools and skills: Multiple level analysis
» Patient chart design: Precise and specific data collected to ensure quality of completion, to optimize information/cost
» Study design expertise: Complex universes (multiple specialists: Biologics, Antifungals, etc.), Difficult condition analysis segments (Antifungals)

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