Techniques & Tools

AplusA is proud of the unique products and know-how it has developed that have enabled it to surpass standard market research offerings.

AplusA’s KPI TRAACKER™ offering
» ATU TRAACKER™ – Assess your brand’s awareness, trial & usage by quantifying the attitudes & opinions of your target respondents
» RX TRAACKER™ – Answer your business questions with real-life data from patient charts
» IMAAX™ – Assess your brand’s image
» IMAAX+™ - Correlate your brand image and brand share
» Patient GAAllery™ – Assess intention to use
» Recall ImpAAct™ – Assess the impact of your sales rep’s activity


» LeAAkage™ – Identify leakage in the communication chain
» DynAAmic™ – Track your brand share evolution over time, assess brand share uptake, launch performance and switch opportunities
» ObservAAtional™ – Analyze treatment patterns for publication (scientific, pharmaco-economics, etc.)
» SnAApshot™ – Size market, indications, and patient segments
» Patient pAAthway™ – Identify key stakeholders
» AAepi™ – Size your market potential

AplusA’s Proprietary Solutions
» TRIAAL-STEP™ - For high-value decisions or forecasts that require greater precision than can be achieved by standard surveys
» SUMM® - Evaluate a large number for messages or marketing strategies within a single study


AplusA Stats Smartphone & Tablette Application
3 common statistical tools used to analyze market research results

» Download the A+A Stats brochure
 Download AplusAStats application
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