Maximizing ATU ROI with AplusA

AplusA’s ATU TrAAcker™ clients choose us and regularly extend their partnerships with us to other brands because they get much more than the standard ATU with AplusA – they get the insights they need AND they optimize their market research spend. 

AplusA’s expert knowledge of ATU research and responsiveness to client requests for innovation have enabled us to expand our ATU offering with the following options, which are applied when appropriate to optimize research spend:

» StreAAm™: Continuous data collection with monthly country reporting of key performance indicators (KPIs). Monthly reporting allows for closer product monitoring, the ability to immediately adjust your strategy and realize study cost savings.


» IMAAX™:  Deep correlation analysis between brand image and brand share to identify the triggers specific to the most promising targets and adjust marketing and communication strategy accordingly.

AplusA has also developed 2 user-friendly, online tools to increase data access for you and your internal clients:

» VisuAAl™ provides fast and seamless data access to local affiliates and leads to a high level of study adoption, reducing the likelihood of study duplication.uter, tablet and smartphone. 



Additionally, you can rest assured that your ATU TrAAcker™ will adhere to AplusA’s comprehensive and seamless QuAAlity™ process. 

» Best MR Practices – Your up-to-date knowledge source of Market Research guidelines, local regulations and Adverse Event Reporting.  AplusA studies are always in compliance.


» Download the A+A Stats brochure
 Download AplusAStats application 
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» Delivering on all promises – Delivering the stated number of qualified respondents in all markets.
» Delivering on all promises – Always on time in all markets.
» Data Control – Regularly checking and investigating all outliers.