When do you need TRIAAL-STEP®?

For high-value decisions or forecasts that require greater precision than can be achieved by standard surveys or conjoint/discrete choice simulation models. TRIAAL-STEP® applies the scientific rigor of a clinical trial in the context of survey, to help you assess the sales value of…

» Potential new indications, published data or label changes for your brand and/or competitors.
New products or formulations.
» Alternative positioning or co-positioning strategies.
» Changes in competitive landscape, including new products and generics.

How does TRIAAL-STEP® differ from other concept-based forecasting tools?

In TRIAAL-STEP®, the respondent is always “blinded” from becoming aware of the product of interest or the variable that the client is investigating, thus reducing respondent bias and overstatement of the impact of the variable under study.
No norms are necessary to provide a forecast or to provide a clear answer to the decision at hand.


» Each TRIAAL-STEP® study usually includes a Control Group representing the current market. TRIAAL-STEP® Control Group Strategy Shares are highly correlated to market shares.
» In a broad range of therapy areas, TRIAAL-STEP® shares correlate with reported market shares at the r=.9 level or higher, without any adjustment.

What do you get from TRIAAL-STEP®?

The primary data of a TRIAAL-STEP® study are the Strategy Shares that your brand and competitors receive in the Control Group and each of the “test market” scenarios you are investigating.


For example, in the Strategy Share Table your new strategy has the potential to increase prescriptions for the test product by 50% (5/10). However, 40% of your potential gain (2 out of 5) will come from the other products in your portfolio, and 60% will come at the expense of competitor A.

Download the TRIAAL-STEP® Brochure